Education Department

With its diverse educational activities, the Museum of Dolenjska wishes to impart the knowledge of Novo mesto and Dolenjska’s past to its young visitors, their teachers, mentors, and parents. Our educational activities are often related to our permanent and temporary exhibitions, with a special emphasis on the substantive and methodical integration with the curricula of primary schools, thus enriching the regular educational process in school. We also perform activities for preschool children and for high school students.

For more information please contact the Education Department:

Lavra Fabjan

t+386 (0) 7 373 11 17


Exhibition visitors can choose between our basic program, i.e. a guided tour of an exhibition, and the supplementary program, which includes all accompanying activities. Connecting theory and practice, when an exhibition tour, a visit to a specific museum exhibit, or a school lecture are enhanced by children’s creative activities in the museum’s workshops, has proven a good practice. In such activities, children develop curiosity and creativity in an interesting and entertaining way, which makes them very popular with young people.

The Museum of Dolenjska’s season ticket includes several additional benefits.

Basic information can be obtained at the reception desk:

t+386 (0) 7 373 11 30