Jakčev dom

Jakčev dom
Sokolska ulica 1
8000 Novo mesto

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Jakčev dom


The wish to have a permanent collection of Božidar Jakac’s works in Novo mesto has been alive since 1964, when the construction of Jakac Pavilion was planned, but due to economic troubles never fulfilled. Not earlier than for the artist’s 80th anniversary came the idea to fruition, and Jakac’s works found their permanent home in the house that had once belonged to his parents. The construction of the building in question had been commissioned to Giuseppe Oliva, a Friulian architect, in 1904 by Božidar’s father, Anton Jakac. At the time, it was a modern hotel and café. After World War II, it hosted a cafeteria for workers, and in 1965 it was given to a cooking school. In 1984, however, it has been transformed into a gallery, which is a part of the Museum of Dolenjska. In this way, the building was symbolically given back to the artist, as a compliment to his creative work. In his honour, it was renamed Jakac House (Jakčev dom).

In the beginning, the entire exhibition area was dedicated to Božidar Jakac. The concept remained unchanged until 2006, when the decision was made to include other artists. In addition to the main exhibition  our visitors can now see two other permanent exhibitions: Božidar Jakac  and The Museum of Dolenjska’s permanent art exhibition. A fraction of the exhibition area is a gallery where domestic and international artists can present their works.

Božidar Jakac, Kurent, charcoal and brown chalk, 1921
Copyright holder: Primož Pablo Miklavc Turnher