A Thousand – year Necropolis

08. 02. 2016 – 07. 05. 2016

Venue: Mala dvorana
The exhibition is open from 8. februar 2016 to 7. maj 2016

The exhibition is celebrating the 30th anniversary of continuous archaeological excavations at Kapiteljska njiva in Novo mesto.
The still ongoing systematic investigations of the extensive prehistoric cemetery at Kapiteljska njiva were comenced in 1986 by archaeologist Tone Knez, now they are lead by archaeologists Borut Križ and Petra Stipančič with co–workers. In the last three decades the archaeological team from Dolenjski muzej Novo mesto has managed to envestigate almost half of the extensive archaeological site.
The results of these intensive excavations, carried out by generations of archaeologists and students of archaeology, volunteers and people included in public works programmes, were at the begining very encouraging but in the last 30 years they have surpassed all expectations and have shed light from new angels of life and events in Prehistoric Europe.




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