Amongst the recipient of Valvasor award for the year 2018 also the curators of Dolenjski muzej

There was an honorable ceremony in the National Gallery on the 20th of May 2019 for presenting the Valvasor award, which is given every year by the Slovenian museum society, for special achievements in the field of museology. Valvasor carnation for an exhibit Lojze Slak – virtuoso on diatonic accordion: My records are my books, was presented to a group of authors: two curators of our museum Majda Pungerčar and Matej Rifelj, Alojzij Slak, Robert Slak, doc. dr. Tomaž Slak and the mayor of Mirna Peč town community Alojzij Kastelic.
A special recommendation was made by Dolenjski muzej, for an honorable Valvasor recognition award. For donating the house on the main square in Novo mesto, which was given to the town of Novo mesto and 334 objects donated to the Dolenjski muzej, the award was presented to Mr. Nikolaj Levičnik.