Summer museum night in Dolenjski muzej

Visit us on a Summer museum night! A collective effort of Slovenian museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions, which in this year is held for the 17th time in a row.

Dolenjski muzej and Jakčev dom will be open from 6 pm to 12 pm.
Free entrance!


6 pm – 12 pm
Program for the kids on the museum gardens

6 pm – 10 pm
With guided tours between the museum exhibit NA DOBRI POTI, Glavnim trgom, and other temporary exhibits, we will discover the past of our city.

6 pm
Prehistory and Roman times / Prehistorical and Roman roads
Exhibit NA DOBRI POTI, a permanent archeological exhibit, and Glavni trg

7 pm
17. and 18. century/road “cat heads”
Exhibit NA DOBRI POTI, permanent ethnological exhibition, Glavni trg, and Pugljeva ulica

8 pm
19. century/macadam road
Exhibit NA DOBRI POTI, exhibit LEON 120 years and permanent contemporary history exhibition, Glavni trg and Rozmanova ulica

9 pm
1953-2017/ road after the renovation of architect Marjan Mušič
Exhibit NA DOBRI POTI, an exhibit of Josip Germ and Glavni trg

10 pm
Presentation of archeological researches upon the renovation of the Novo mesto’s town core in the years 2017-18; lecture by Dr. Rafko Urankar, leader of the archaeological diggings

11 pm
Guided tour of the exhibit NA DOBRI POTI