About Situlae Festival

What is Situlae festival?

The most important finds from the Early Iron Age, are bronze, figurally decorated situlae. Almost a quarter of all known situlae originates from Novo mesto. Therefore, after these extraordinary artistic creations of the Iron Age, Novo mesto is named the town of situlae.
Situlae are bronze vessels for storing and serving drinks. They are made of thin, shiny metal and decorated with mythical and heroic scenes. The rich and vivid situlae narrative complements our knowledge of the life of a socially highly stratified prehistoric society, as we do not know the script at this time. The upper class, the elite of the time, was represented by eminent individuals who combined political, military, economic, spiritual and social power in their hands. Richly decorated bronze situlae were used as prestigious tableware and protocol vessels. From them, valuable intoxicating wines were served to guests at celebrations.
The Situlae monuments of Novo mesto undoubtedly belong to the treasury of world cultural heritage and are an indispensable contribution of Dolenjska in the creation of a common European cultural space.
The Situlae festival is dedicated to these remarkable monuments, which bear witness to the life of the Hallstatt inhabitants of Novo mesto, who were equivalent to the extraordinary civilizations of continental and Mediterranean Europe. The Situlae Festival thus represents an event imbued with Dolenjska’s cultural and natural heritage, complemented by a new, urban view.
Let us be proud, respect and nurture our rich tradition. Bring children, friends and acquaintances and let us get to know and learn from our past.