50 YEARS of R-4 from Novo mesto

06. 10. 2023 – 01. 03. 2025

The IMV Museum Collection, Drgančevje

This year marks 50 years since the first Renault 4, better known as the Katrca, rolled off the production line at IMV in Novo mesto. An exhibition on this legendary vehicle is being held to celebrate this anniversary. The exhibition aims to draw attention to the rich technical heritage of the Dolenjska capital.

At the same time, the exhibition aims to popularise and strengthen the visibility of the permanent IMV museum collection in Drgančevje. IMV museum collection was founded a few years ago by the IMV Friends Club, and today it boasts an outstanding collection of 40 cars and trailers, as well as a dedicated room with products and documentation for educational purposes. This is the second temporary exhibition to be set up in these premises by the Dolenjska Museum,

The exhibition includes panels on the origins of the Renault 4 in France, the beginnings and development of production in Novo mesto, technical data, R-4 sales in figures and sales brochures, an attempt to redesign the R-4, the car in motorsport, the last car and the new electric R-4. The room displays an exquisitely preserved Novo mesto’s Katrca (R-4) from 1989 and and several different R-4 models throughout history. Through audio-video content, visitors can see the production of the R-4 in Novo mesto, the technical manual of a serial R-4, the assembly of a rally car R-4 and photographs of car owners. The exhibition is further enriched by didactic games and a driving test via a computer game.