Early Iron Age Jewellery of Novo Mesto

01. 06. 2018 – 31. 12. 2019

Venue: Knezova soba
The exhibition is open from 1. junij 2018 to 31. december 2019

Exhibited two and a half thousand years old archaeological items belong to the Early Iron Age which marked the Dolenjska region profoundly.
Jewellery on display is an overview of the forms, types and material of personal ornaments excavated and restored in recent years. The prevailing substance is golden yellow glowing bronze, presently coated with green patina. Then, there are extraordinary, vividly multi-coloured glass beads with wavy lines, dot-and-eye motifs and extrusions, and amber beads of Baltic origin.
Jewellery was part of women’s costume. Namely, all gathered samples from the 8th till the 5th century BC are linked to the female domain. In the late Early Iron Age, however, fibulae were worn by men as well.