KOTAR Colores mecum porto

24. 02. 2023 – 03. 09. 2023

The exhibition of works of art by the painter Jože Kotar, focusing on works created in the last decade, is entitled Colores mecum porto, which loosely translated means “I carry the colours with me”. Through his works, Kotar undoubtedly shows himself to be a dedicated explorer of the fluidity of the world of colour, which stirs his soul on an intuitive level, an artist who has given himself completely to the world of art, and an artist who pursues his mission with a clear vision. His source of inspiration and his most clearly expressed artistic element are undoubtedly colours, their fluidity and tonal value. The world of colour and light absorbed him at a very early age, when as a child he saw the expressiveness and power of colour through different eyes than most. Colour purity and clarity, complemented by luminous luminosity, are thus constants in the painter’s work, whatever the chosen motif. He uses colours to express to the full his inner stimuli and feelings, which he senses in the chosen motif and then translates into the language of painting.

Jože Kotar was born in 1952 in Novo mesto. In 1973 he became a member of the “Vladimir Lamut” art group, where he attended painting school from 1975 to 1979 with the professor and theoretician Milan Butina and the sculptor and visual artist Duba Sambolec. In 1979, he studied for the first time in Paris, in the workshop of professor and painter Jaro (Jaromir) Hilbert, in Ville-d’Avray. He has had more than one hundred and thirty solo exhibitions, and has participated in more than three hundred group exhibitions, ex temps, painting colonies and art meetings in Slovenia and abroad. He has received more than fifty prizes and awards for his work in Slovenia and abroad. In 1992, the Municipality of Novo mesto awarded him the Trdina’s Prize for achievements in painting.