Photography of the Novo mesto authors

09. 12. 2016 – 22. 04. 2017

Venue: Jakčev dom
The exhibition is open from 9. december 2016 to 22. april 2017

The Exhibition presents the performance of professional and amateur photographers, who have, with their intensive and  enthusiastic photographic participation, set up Novo mesto alongside artistic centre of the ex Yugoslavia, and have successfully represented it outside its borders. Many of them also in present times successfully represent both in the country and wider, especially in the context of a number of solo and group photography exhibitions and events.
The exhibition is divided into two parts, namely the historical part, where it is presented a brief overview of photographic activity since the end of the 1970s to the 1990s. In this section are presented the following authors: Gregor Čampa, Saša Fuis, Stojan Golob, Mitja Pelko, Bojan Radovič, Marko Švent and Andrej Virc. The second part presents contemporary photographers who are actively involved with photography and are in any way connected with Novo mesto. Presented are: Saša Fuis, Stojan Golob, Jure Kastelic, Borut Peterlin, Boštjan Pucelj and Bojan Radovič.