Kralj’s hayracks exhibition in Klagenfurt

The Dolenjska Museum is hosting the exhibition Kralj’s hayracks by Alenka Stražišar Lamovšek at the Federal Gymnasium and the Federal Real Gymnasium for Slovenes in Klagenfurt.

The panels present documentary material by Niko Kralj on the subject of hayracks. The archive of 4550 slides, the originals of which are held by the Dežela kozolcev, was created between 1970 and 1980. Most of the images date from 1971. The areas covered by Niko Kralj include Gorenjska region, Ljubljana and its surroundings, Štajerska region, Dolenjska region, Carinthia and Tyrol. Niko Kralj considered hayracks to be one of the greatest masterpieces of folk architecture.

The slides are arranged according to the type of drying device, the typology and use of the hayrack and its position in the landscape. At the same time, visitors can view the hayracks and carpenters in a video via QR codes. A special section is devoted to the exploratory trail of Niko Kralj through the Zilj valley.

The exhibition will be open from 27th of April to 12th of May 2023.