The largest and most important deposits of amber – fossilized resin of coniferous – lie on the Baltic Sea, where it is harvested and produced for several millennia. In addition to ornamental features is amber present in the consciousness of people from prehistory to the present, with its magical, protective and healing properties.

Part of the Amber Road, which connects the coast of the Baltic Sea with the Mediterranean Sea, ran in prehistoric times also through Dolenjska, that is why are in Novo mesto preserved a lot of amber products. Glassware and Ironwork were the country’s most important economic activities, which allowed for the Dolenjska region in 1. Millennium BC to blossom. Necklaces of colourful and florid, in Dolenjska made glass beads, completed with orange red amber beads, which were found in the Novo mesto graves, have been the impetus for a more comprehensive presentation of this rich cultural heritage.

Therefore Dolenjski muzej is preparing three exhibitions:

    – the exhibition of “archaeological” amber products in Slovenia entitled Amber – The jewels of the Baltic in Novo Mesto,
    –  an exhibition on the Catherine Palace from St. Petersburg and
    – Amber and form – exhibition of contemporary designed amber from Gdansk.

In Novo mesto two conferences will take place:

    – International archaeological Conference on amber and
    – tourist promotion Conference of cities along the amber route

and many events and activities related to amber.

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