Fundaments of drawing a portrait – a workshop to accompany the exhibit Josip Germ (1869-1950)

Upon the exhibit Josip Germ (1869-1950), we politely invite you to a workshop for adults

The fundaments of drawing a portrait

under the guidance of an academic painter and graphic artist Marie Karnar – Lemesheva,

on Thursday, 20 June 2019, at 7 pm
at Jakčev dom Dolenjski muzej.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge.

This workshop is intended for adults, which enjoy drawing and would like to learn the fundaments of drawing or improve and upgrade their knowledge. Class includes recognizing and studying the form of a human face and head, learning to draw like in the classes on the academy, because of the personal approach of the workshop teacher and possibility of instant correction.
We invite all who like art and like to express it and would like to learn the basics of drawing and fundamental rules of drawing a portrait and also learning new drawing technics.

Drawing material and accessories for the workshop will be available free of charge. No prior drawing knowledge is required.

The number of participants is limited. Prior application is required on: or 07 373 11 31

Maria Karnar – Lamesheva was born in Moskva, where še lived until the year 2010 when she moved to Slovenia. She graduated at the Faculty for journalism on Moskov state university (2001), and then as a painter and graphic artist on Acadamy for Fine Arts and design at the University of Ljubljana (2014), where now she is finishing her masters in painting. She also studied architecture and design in Moskov academy of Architecture.
In the year 2015, she received the reward of the Acadamy for Fine Arts and design at the University of Ljubljana and in the year 2018 the recognition award in Bineale Slovenske Grafike Otočec.
Until now she displayed her work in four individual exhibits in Slovenia, and many collective exhibits also in Slovenija, as abroad. She lives and creates in Ljubljana.