Successfully completed the second Situlae Festival

The program of this year’s, second, Situlae Festival was related to the Amber Year. Thus, visitors were able to see the modern processing of this precious resin and also buy it in the form of jewelry. As part of the diverse program, craftsmen and artisans presented themselves, visitors were able to admire the performances of the folklore group Kres and Cantlon society on the theme of music and dance of the Early Iron Age and the reception of Hallstatt guests at the Novo mesto’s princely couple, performed by the German archaeological group Alau.
The Situlae Festival was also accompanied by a varied catering offer with a touch of food, known in the Old Iron Age. Along with the program, a guided tour of the situlae monuments, as part of a permanent archaeological exhibition, took place in the Dolenjska Museum. The festival ended in the rhythms of traditional Celtic, Irish and Scottish music, performed by the Carniolan music group Beer Belly.