13. Novo mesto Art days

17. 06. 2017 – 09. 09. 2017

Venue: Jakčev dom
The exhibition is open from 17. junij 2017 to 9. september 2017

The year 2017 is in Dolenjski muzej Novo mesto and in the Novo mesto municipality dedicated to amber, archaeological heritage, which in the words of Novo mesto archaeologists has a special place in the identity of Novo mesto, as it puts it on a global map. Many, with amber related events, are held throughout the year, one of them was also 13. Novo mesto art days, which was traditionally held in the second week of May.

The thirteenth year artistic director of the colony, painter, Janko Orač, assembled a team of seven academically educated artists who have moved to a new location in the Jakčev dom of the Dolenjski muzej Novo mesto. This year’s team consisted of Tomaž Gorjup from Ljubljana, Zoran Ogrinc from Slovenj Gradec, Mario Palli from the Italian Gorizia, Agata Pavlovec from Škofja Loka, Jošt Snoj from Ljubljana, Suzana Švent from Dobrna and Nika Zupančič from Ljubljana. We present their work at this year’s exhibition.