1918, will you bring us PEACE? Dolenjska and its people during the great war

14. 09. 2018 – 09. 03. 2019

Venue: Mala dvorana
The exhibition is open from 14. september 2018 to 9. marec 2019

2018 marks 100 years since the end of the First World War and 100 years of the newly founded country of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs. With the exhibition 1918, will you bring us peace? Dolenjska and its people during the great war, Dolenjski muzej Novo mesto adds some new facts regarding the great war, for the region of Dolenjska.
At the exhibition we present different events and aspects of life in Dolenjska region during the Great war, focusing on the year 1918. Introducing the objects related to the Dolenjska people, who as soldiers fought on different fronts (we expose three individuals), as well objects related to war events in general. Weapon in the truest sense of the word deliberately is not presented, therefore the exhibition highlights the other point of view – the war did not take place only on the battlefield and with weapons, but also in the sorroundings, which Dolenjska region in that time was.
As a complement to the exhibition we also present the documentary directed by Jože Pogačnik, titled Sarabanda za 17. regiment, which was filmed in a wider range of Mokronog.
Together with our exhibition and in cooperation with the regional Novo mesto Red Cross organization, we form a humanitarian action – we gather charitable donations to help the people in need. With this, we encourage visitors to attach their pin for peace on the number 1918.