Andrej Šifrer, 70 years – NOTHING against ETERNITY

19. 05. 2023 – 06. 07. 2023

Andrej Šifrer, author and singer of popular music, has been present on the Slovenian music scene for more than 45 years.

His career began in 1977 with the song Zoboblues, which he recorded for TV Slovenia, the producer accidentally sent it to the radio, where it started to be played. Jure Robežnik, the director of the RTV Slovenia Cassette and Record Publishing House at that time, was so impressed by the humour in the lyrics that he decided to seek out this man of Gorenjska region. And he found him.

Andrej Šifrer later became one of the most popular Slovenian popular musicians. More than half a million records, cassettes and CDs sold, and over five thousand performances – that’s how the numbers speak  about the career of the freshly baked septuagenarian. But statistics, of course, are not everything.

Andrej’s musical career has also been marked by unforgettable moments, packed with emotion. Not (only) with Andrej’s, but also with collective Slovenian ones. Listeners have been sparked by the sparkling and humorous lyrics of the songs of the “Nightingale of Gorenjska”, which were immediately taken as their own. Stoj Marija, Martinov lulček, Gorska roža, Moje miške … The original hits that whole generations grew up with are today not only solid backbone of the Slovenian songwriting scene and an iron repertoire of parties and celebrations, but also a very high bar for all those who come on stage after Šifrer.

But even this is not (yet) enough to say that we know everything about Andrej Šifrer. Alongside his musical successes, he has had a whole series of other successes. Of the latter, exhibition Andrej Šifrer, 70 years – NOTHING against ETERNITY, which the Gorenjska Museum in Kranj dedicated to the artist on the occasion of his jubilee, speaks better than words.