Leon 120 years

12. 11. 2018 – 12. 11. 2019

Venue: Galerija
The exhibition is open from 12. november 2018 to 12. november 2019

The exhibition Leon 120 years is an hommage to our hometown Olympian athlete Leon Štukelj. It is presented in three halls.

In the first hall, there is an emphasis on the connection between Leon Štukelj and his hometown Novo mesto. It also shows different art representations of his figure and his greatness through drawings, paintings and sculptures.

The second hall presents Štukelj’s rich sporting career, for which he is considered to be the most successful Slovenian athlete by the number of medals won at the Olympic games.

The third hall displays personal life of Leon Štukelj – Leon in Novo mesto, family Štukelj in Maribor, meeting famous celebrities and the memory of celebrating the centenary of his birth in Novo mesto.

With numerous display of items from his personal life, which has never been presented before, the exhibition exceeds the frame of his exceptional athletic achievements and emphasizes the slogan that follows the Štukelj year – a healthy spirit in Novo mesto.