On a good path – Archeological research upon the renovation of Novo mesto city core in the years 1017-18

12. 04. 2019 – 24. 08. 2019

Venue: Mala dvorana
The exhibition is open from 12. april 2019 to 24. avgust 2019

Authors of the exhibit: Petra Stipančić and Rafko Urankar
Expert associates: Majda Pungerčar and Anja Rebolj
Design: Maja Rudolf Markovič

There were archeological researches made upon the renovation of city core of Novo mesto from October 2017 until June 2018, which were done by a company PJP d.o.o. Slovenska Bistrica. Surveys were made on the area of the whole Main Square, part of Rozman street, part of Sokolska street, and whole Pugljeva street.
Exhibition accompanied by a catalog presents the first results of the archeological research, as well as objects presented on display because all of the material is not fully processed.

We start the exhibit with a short draft of historical researchers in the area of the city center core, which includes the area of Beletov garden, threw New Square on a Capitol gill, Florjan square to the Main square. The main portion of the exhibit is in fact dedicated mainly to the roads or rather paths which led through the Main square from prehistoric times up to today’s times.
Archaeological finds are connected to prehistoric early iron age path (2. and 1. century BC), Roman road (end of 1. century BC, up until 3. century AD), New age road from 17. and 18. century, and then a dirt road from 19. century, and all the way up the start of the first 50 years of the 20th century (coins, small bronze objects).
The exhibition is supplemented by a short documentary film, which shows how the image of the Main square was transforming during the time of the archeological research and construction work, and animated installation of a new age road which was found during the researchers on today’s Main square.