We went to kindergarten…

03. 03. 2023 – 07. 05. 2023

We went to kindergarten…

The exhibition shows the development of pre-school education in Novo mesto from the opening of the first kindergarten in 1930 to the latest acquisitions of the Novo mesto kindergartens in the last year. Special emphasis is placed on the last 20 years, since Kindergartens Ciciban and Pedenjped have been operating as independent institutions.

The first kindergartens in Novo mesto, the development and operation of the existing units of Kindergartens Ciciban and Pedenjped, and the operation of the former kindergartens, of which we have fond memories, are presented. The work, peculiarities and achievements of the two kindergartens on their independent path are outlined in more detail, and finally their cooperation with the Dolenjska Museum.

The exhibition displays around 40 objects used by the teachers or children over the past decades, and even more in the reconstruction of the playroom, where visitors can relive what everyday life in the kindergarten used to be like. Individual materials and content are also presented through a variety of audio-video equipment and interactive displays.

The didactic content of the exhibition, which relates both to the individual units of the kindergartens and to the educational work, games and toys of the past, is primarily aimed at pre-school children, but is sure to evoke memories of kindergarten time for adults as well.