Time impressed in Brick: Brickmaking in Dolenjska

18. 11. 2016 – 28. 03. 2017

Venue: Galerija
The exhibition is open from 18. november 2016 to 28. marec 2017

Ethnological Exhibition presents the use of clay for the manufacture of clay products used in construction such as wall, floor and roof tiles. Chronologically the Exhibition shows the appearance of the first clay material from the ancient period through the middle ages, with the emphasis on the topographical presentation of the workshops from the 18. century to the present, working in the area of the Central Dolenjska Region.
In the brick material are echoed, is “sealed”, the history of the Dolenjska Region and also the Slovenian space from antiquity through the middle ages: pavers with the coats of arms and the name of the founders of the Chartusia Pleterje, counts of Celje, etc., to new age with the initials or stamps of certain manufacturers. Exhibited brick material has also symbolic and apotropaic messages.