The Museum of Dolenjska’s permanent art exhibition

The Museum of Dolenjska’s permanent art exhibition is housed on the first floor of Jakac House. In chronological order, the exhibition reflects the art history of the wider Dolenjska region in the period between the 17th and the 20th centuries. The works from the 17th and 18th centuries result from creative efforts of mostly anonymous authors.

Unknown craftsman, Portable wing altar, painted wood carving, 1651.
Neznani slikar, Portret otroka, olje na platnu, 2/2 17 st.
Pseudo – Guardi, Vases with flowers, second half of the 18th century.
Oton Škola, Novo mesto, akvarelirana risba s svinčnikom, 1936

Especially prominent among them are a carved and painted small winged altar, dated in 1651, and a still life with two vases, which is attributed to Francesco Guardi. Since there is no definite proof for his authorship, the author of the painting is at present better referred to as Pseudo-Guardi. Quite equal to the aforementioned artworks are two altar paintings by master painter H.G.G. (Hans Georg Geigerfeld), which mark the beginning of his artistic career in Dolenjska.

Works of art of the 19th century are adequately represented with the depiction of Novo mesto by Oton Škola, with portraits of the Smola family members, and finally with an excellent self-portrait by artist Josip Germ, painted in the academic style. 

Josip Germ, Belopeško jezero, olje na platnu, 1900
Ivan Vavpotič, Zrcalni portret Angele Smola, olje na platnu, 1907
Jakob Savinšek, Birds, forged and welded iron, 1959. 
France Kralj, Predpomlad (Krst v slovenski vasi), olje na platnu, 1929

Significant artists of the 20th century that are featured in the exhibition are Ivana Kobilca, Ivan Vavpotič, Maksim Gaspari, as well as the established local artists Josip Germ, Božidar Jakac and Vladimir Lamut.