Lojze Slak – Diatonic Accordion Virtuoso; My Records Are My Books

Muzej Lojzeta Slaka in Toneta Pavčka

Location of the exhibition:  Muzej Lojzeta Slaka in Toneta Pavčka, Trg 8, 8216 Mirna Peč

Authors: Majda Pungerčar in Matej Rifelj, Dolenjski muzej Novo mesto
Digital content creators: Alojzij Slak in Robert Slak
Design of exhibition equipment: Tomaž Slak
Exhibition design: Mateja Muhič
Author of the photographs: Robert Kokol, DT Foto Asja

The exhibition presents the life and work of Mirna
Peč native Lojze Slak through the written word,
images, objects, music and lm. As visitors trace
the course of his life from cradle to grave, they will
get a sense of the inuence of the landscape,
people and folk music of the Dolenjska region on
Lojze Slak’s creative oeuvre. Slak’s life was lled
with music. He was a virtuoso performer on the
diatonic button accordion, a composer and lyricist,
and the founder and leader of the Lojze Slak
Ensemble. The accordions from which his ngers
conjured such unforgettable sounds beneted
from the addition of a special “Slak button” – as may
be seen on the instruments on display at the

He created the Lojze Slak Ensemble by merging the Lojze Slak Trio with the vocal quintet Fantje s Praprotna (“The Praprotno Lads”) in 1964. Over the course of their 47-year career, the Lojze Slak Ensemble performed all over Slovenia and gave frequent concerts for Slovene communities in other European countries. They also visited Australia and had ve successful North American tours. They made a total of 58 albums, which are on display at the exhibition along with the numerous awards they won for album sales and in listeners’ polls both at home and abroad – even in the USA, where the inuence of the Slak sound led to the creation of Button Box Clubs and Polka Masses.

The reconstruction of the practice room from the Slak family home in Gunclje – complete with the original furniture and ttings – offers visitors a glimpse of the environment in which Slak created his music. His wife Ivanka and their sons Slavko and Robert were always very closely involved in Lojze’s musical life, since as well as a musician he was a husband and a father, a son and a brother, a friend and a colleague, a winegrower, and so on.

Fans of Slak’s music will find much to enjoy in Mirna Peč – as will performers. Visitors can choose their favourite Slak hits to listen to or watch performances by the ensemble at audio/video points. A wide selection of material is available for those interested in researching Slak’s legacy, including Slak’s songbook, newspaper articles, and so on.

Another special feature of the exhibition is the reconstruction of a stage. The Lojze Slak Ensemble customarily performed on a stage – and at this exhibition visitors will also have the opportunity to do so. An accordion is provided on which they can perform their favourite Slak tune, and they will even be able to record their performance with musical and video accompaniment by the Lojze Slak Ensemble. The “Accordion Show” offers musicians a diatonic accordion experience never before available at an exhibition in Slovenia.